Plants are people too

20th April 2014

Sunny Mesembryanthemums

Do you have plants in your garden that remind you of people? I do.

As spring is in full swing and new life is emerging, I walk around my garden saying hello to loved ones everwhere.

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Home Projects

Big love for a little bureau

13th January 2013 (3) Comments

Home image

Ever since I was little and my Sindy doll had a writing bureau in her house I wanted one. Now I have two.

I just love these things, they provide so much in functionality and attractiveness. So I really enjoyed giving this a strong colour and a fresh new life.

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Frida board

28th December 2012 (6) Comments

After - The black, white and yellow Frida board

This was a quick little project but one that I'd had in my head for ages, to go towards a complete re-vamp of a room.

A pin board like this is easy to refurb with stuff you might already have in the house and a couple of hours of time.

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Time to make terrariums

12th February 2012 (6) Comments

Glass jar terrarium on the mantlepiece

These past two weeks have been too icy for the garden. The ground is frozen hard and its too cold to start sowing seeds outdoors.

So, for now let's stay toasty warm indoors. It's time to make some terrariums and give the houseplants a little tlc.

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Garden Projects

Edible Flowers

17th November 2013 (2) Comments

Borage flowers on brownies and cornflowers to decorate

There's something about eating flowers that seems very strange and very decadent at the same time. It fascinates me.

So here's my first go at cooking, eating and growing edible flowers and some plans for next year.

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Sheffield Botanical Gardens

6th October 2013 (1) Comment

Glass Pavilions

Such a beautiful gem in the heart of a city I love. Sheffield Botanical Gardens is inspiring, relaxing and stunning.

This was my first visit on a soft and sunny September day and it certainly won't be my last.

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How my garden grew

24th September 2012 Leave a Comment

The garden in July

My garden used to be a messy, rectangular lawn and uninspiring shrubs. There were no surprises and it was dull, dull, dull.

See how my garden grew in 2012 starting with saying goodbye to the turf and good riddance!

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